Author Topic: Vijayanagar Empire: Feudatory, Narsimha Saluva, 1485-91 AD, Fanam, Unpublished  (Read 803 times)

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Vijayanagar Empire, Feudatory, Narsimha Saluva, 1485-91 AD, Gold Fanam, 0.70g, 6mm

Obv: Standing Hindu deity Vishnu

Rev: Standing Garuda; lamp-stand in front

This is a tiny tiny coin at just 6mm but the skill of the die-engraver is amazing to bring out all the salient features of the coin's design with clarity.

The coin, as far as I know, is unpublished.
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Obv: Standing Hindu deity Vishnu

Stunning image for a fanam!
Do you know what is depicted in each hand? I can see what looks like the sudarshan chakra in the left bottom hand, but both top left and bottom right hands seem to be holding a Gada. The two other symbols should be shankha (conch) and padma (lotus).
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