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Avril Vaughan: Preliminary and unrealised designs

Started by eurocoin, September 11, 2014, 04:53:30 PM

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The British coin designer Avril Vaughan inter alia designed the national coinage of Sierra Leone and 2 British 5 pounds coins.

Below you can find some of her preliminary and unrealised designs.



In 1996, Mrs. Vaughan made some designs for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II, this design showing a bouquet of flowers with a 70 shaped ribbon tied onto it, was never issued.



An altered version of this design was issued on the British 5 pounds coin for the 70th anniversary of the queen, the original design showed 7 different flags whilst the realised design shows only 5. On the design on the issued coin, you can see Windsor Castle in the background.



This design was made for a  British 5 Pounds coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Prince of Wales in 1998 and The Prince's Trust.
The design was never issued, the design that was minted on the coin was designed by Michael Noakes and Robert Elderton.



In 1998, The Royal Mint held a designing competition for the new obverse of the British national coinage.
The winner of this competition was Ian Rank-Broadley.



Unrealised design for the obverse of a British 5 Pounds coin of 1997 to commemorate the Golden Wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.



Preliminary design of a 25 pounds coin for Guernsey that was issued in 2002 to commemorate the life of Princess Diana.



In 1993, Fiji issued a 10 dollars coin to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the coronation of queen Elizabeth II.
Although they were both approved by the government of Fiji, a different version of the design actually appeared on the issued coin.