Author Topic: Delhi Sultanate, Khiljis: ‘Ala’ al-Din Muhammad (695–715AH,1296-1316AD), 6 Gani  (Read 1993 times)

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Info at

Billon 6 Gani, 704 or 714 AH (Ref. R991, Goron D232, Tye 418.1)

Obverse Al-sultan Al-Azim 'Ala Al-Dunya Wa Al-Deen (The Sultan, the greatest one, excellence of the world and of the faith)

Here is a crude illustration depicting my take on the legend.

Reverse Abu Al-Muzaffar Muhammad Shah Al-Sultan (Father of the victorious, Muhammad Shah, the Sultan)

Break-up of the inscription: Please point out any mistakes you spot in this.

First line:         Alif+Lam=Al
                     Sin (medial) (invisible on these coins!)+Lam+Toe+Alif+Nun (detached form)=Sultan
Second line:     'Ain (initial form)+Zoe+Mim=Azim
                     'Ain (initial form)+Lam+Alif='Ala
                     Da (of Dunya)
Third line:        Nun+Ye (medial form)=Dunya


First line:       Ain+Be+Waw=Abu
Second line:  Mim+Ha+Mim+Da=Muhammad
                  Shin (initial form)+Alif+He (detached form)=Shah
Third line:     Alif+Lam=Al
                  Sin (medial) (invisible on these coins!)+Lam+Toe+Alif+Nun (detached form)=Sultan
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