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New pound coins in 2017

Started by andyg, March 18, 2014, 11:47:34 PM

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Very interesting overview. I was recently looking into this too and noticed that there were differences in lines between qualities. The normal 2017-dated coin has 24 lines but the proof version of the 2017-dated coin has 23 lines. Didn't notice that there were also differences in the number of lines in different years.

The British Antarctic Territory 1 pound coin of 2020 has 25 lines.


Quote from: MCz on June 24, 2021, 07:07:26 PM
I'm not sure if the topic was already here or not (33 pages of discussion about 1 Pound) but these coins have different varieties on small shield with £ sign there is different number of vertical lines:

Very interesting MCz. I noticed that the hologram of the later dates was not as effective as the earlier dates, but I never thought to investigate the line count.


The Royal Mint was asked for comment. A reply is expected near the end of this month.


Royal Mint's reply:

It is correct that there have been some small changes to the number of lines over the timescales stated. The reason for this was around development of this design feature and continuous improvement, so as to make it more robust.


Although counterfeit new 1 pound coins started to appear shortly after the introduction of the new 1 pound, until a few months ago their quantity was only rather limited. In recent months, the number of counterfeit new 1 pound coins in circulation has increased very significantly. There are also multiple different types of fakes of the new 1 pound coin in circulation, made by what appear to be at least 2 different counterfeiting rings.