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Started by <k>, January 03, 2012, 10:49:47 PM

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1 Sen of Japan (1874), Meiji Year 7
2 Sen of Japan (1874), Proof?
50 Sen of Japan 1910

Dating Japanese coins
Dating Tool for Japanese Coins
Fun Facts About Japanese Coins
Imperial Japan: Emperor Meiji (1868-1869) One Shu (KM#C-12a)
Imperial Japan: Samurai Coins of the Shogun Era
Intended coins of the Japanese WW2 Occupations

Japan - 2 different 4 mon's (or not different?)
Japan - new commemorative issues 2008
Japan - new issue 2010
Japan 1883 half sen variety?
Japan 33 (1958) 10 Yen
Japan 5 yen
Japan 10 Yen Y # 97.2
Japan 50 Sen 1904 KM#25
Japan New Issue: IMF Meeting 2012
Japan to Restart Production of ¥1 and ¥5 Coins
Japan Y# 74

Japan, 1 Yen
Japan, 10 yen 1979
Japan, 100 mon local issue in wood
Japan, 20 Sen ,Meiji 4 = 1871. 
Japan, Mon, 1626?
Japan, mon, around 1668-1700, Cr 1.1
Japan, mon, from 1737, Nikko, Temple of Jakkoji
Japan, Ryukyu Islands: ½ Shu ND (JDNA2008-134.2, KM-C115)
Japan, Ryukyu Islands: 100 Mon, ND (JNDA2008-134.1, KM-C100)
Japan: Collector coins support post-tsunami reconstruction
Japan: Commemorative Coins Planned for 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics
Japan: Contradiction
Japan: Kanonji kanei tsuho
Japan: New 2014 Coins to Commemorate Shinkansen Bullet Train
Japan: New Issues for 2014
Japan: No 1 Yen Coins Anymore?

Japanese 500 yen commemorative coins circulate?
Japanese 500 Yen 'Prefecture' Series
Japanese 50-yen pieces
Japanese Chogan bunsei coin?
Japanese fantasy token, what are the symbols?
Japanese Mint Set (1989)
Japanese Mon with unknown mark on reverse
Japanese year identification and Emperor identification. 2 Sen coin.

Nagasaki Trade Coin; Gen Ho Tsu Ho - 1659 - 1667
Record price Japanese coin
Some Japanese Coins
Some tougher Japanese coins
Two 19th century Japanese coins dated
Years on Japanese coins

Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.