Japan, Ryukyu Islands: 100 Mon, ND (JNDA2008-134.1, KM-C100)

Started by Quant.Geek, December 22, 2013, 01:55:25 PM

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Japan, Ryukyu Islands: 100 Mon, ND (JNDA2008-134.1, KM-C100)

This coin was issued by the Shimazu-clan between 1862-1863.  Ryukyu Islands is also known as Okinawa.  It was conquered by the Shimazu clan around the 1600s and hence was subjected to taxation up until the 1870s.

Obv: 琉球通寶 (Ryu Ku Tsu Ho)
Rev: 當百 (To Hyaku; value 100)

Edge stamped with サ (sa), the first syllable of Satsuma, the domainal country of the Shimazu-clan

A high-resolution image of this coin is available at Zeno.ru and FORVM Ancient Coins

A gallery of my coins can been seen at FORVM Ancient Coins


Nice coin, I remember I had part of a casting tree of these back in the 60's I think there were 5 on one side of the sprue stem & 6 on the other  8)