Sweden: Maria Hiss (lift), Stockholm

Started by FosseWay, November 17, 2013, 06:18:52 PM

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Katarinahissen in Stockholm is quite well-known, despite having been out of use for some time. Some of the tokens used for it are illustrated here.

Less well-known is Mariahissen, which performed a similar function between Maria Strandgatan and Tavastgatan (just to the west of the southern end of the railway/road bridge here). The company formed to build and operate it was created in 1884 and the lift opened in 1886. Like Katarinahissen, Mariahissen had a café at the top, but this closed in 1908. The lift closed in 1937.

Seven different tokens are known, all with the company's MHB monogram on the reverse. The three I have are illustrated below.

3 öre round, Cu-Ni, 19,0 mm, 1,47 g; Smith Sweden 820IH, Stockholms Polletter 5.A.8.7
6 öre Cu-Ni with hole, 22,5 x 19,0 mm, 2,05 g; Smith Sweden 820ID, SP 5.A.8.3
6 öre brass without hole, 22,8 x 19,2 mm, 2,88 g; Smith Sweden 820IF, SP 5.A.8.4

The others are a rectangular Cu-Ni 6 öre with blank reverse, a Cu-Ni 6 öre as above but with no hole and a similar 5 öre with straight-clipped corners.

Information about the lift from Stockholms Polletter (chapter 5.A, section 8, p.228).