Akbar dam and half dam mint Gwalior.

Started by abhinumis, July 24, 2013, 09:24:43 PM

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I am really enjoying all the attention this coin is getting.  ;D ;D ;D

It is just by accident, that this coin got identified as a mule, otherwise I had labelled it as a normal Gwalior Dam of Akbar.

Dr. Abhishek, you are most welcome to Gwalior any time.



This coin should get all the attention it deserves..


I'd enjoyed reading and viewing post from all experts.

Mule of Mughal is an extraordinary discovery , congrats !

Cheers ;D
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With the advance of the year 1000 of the Hijri, coins with the mint-name Urdu Zafar Qarin with 'latif' were introduced by Akbar in AH990. These coins were struck at least until the year AH 1000, which coincides with Ilahi year 37. From that date mint-names again appear on the coins of Akbar (except for Ahmadabad, which had all the time continued using its own mint-name on the coins). Some mints continued the mint-name Urdu Zafar Qarin, combined with the Ilahi year, instead of 'latif' (=1000). Gwalior started issuing Ilahi type coppers in yr.37. The above issue must have been issued in the year AH1000/Ilahi 37 and after that continued issuing the same with the mint name Gwalior. This coin must be a mule struck at the very moment they changed from general Urdu Zafar Qarin type to the type with their own mint name.


Thank you very much Oesho for this great piece of information. I think you had mentioned this on some discussion elsewhere (most probably on FB) but I did not digest the full importance of your statement then............Thank you once again.

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