Japan 1883 half sen variety?

Started by gxseries, May 31, 2013, 05:09:51 PM

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Bought a bunch lot of low grade Japanese Meiji era coins and was going through duplicates. Nearly missed this but realized they looked different. Couldn't pinpoint it at first but when I looked at them hard enough, I noticed that the scales looked different.

For the previous year Meiji 15 (1882), the scales looked very detailed. In Meiji 16, it seems that there was a transition and less details were put in the scales. This was reflected in the next year.

I checked the JNDA catalog and didn't find a variety for this year. If you happen to have this particular coin, can you please let me know what kind of variety you have? Curious to find out which is less common.



looks after a variety. I will look sometimes whether I also have them, only everything must search.
Please, make better pictures of both coins with more details. Possibly there are still other differences in the picture and the writing. (10 in the year?)
Very interesting!

Greetings from Germany



today I have searched my pieces.
7 pieces year 16 - everybody immediately with narrow scales.
;D But with 1882 I have found differences. From 8 pieces has one different scales.
Possibly a postcut stamp die.
All the other pieces agree with the catalogue.

greeting pingu



Today I have got the 2nd variation of 1883 (16). I think that the pieces of different stamps are. A variation which does not consider the JNDA in the catalogue.
Now I have 7 coins with narrow scales and 1 coin with wide scales.
I have found the coin on ebay. It was not difficult - maybe by fluke  8) .

To all nice Christmas Days.
pingu from Germany



I have made this documentation for numista (https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces15169.html), based on your images and findings.