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Netherlands 5 cents, 1907-1909 type

Started by a3v1, October 14, 2008, 09:45:26 AM

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The newest edition of the KM catalog (again!!) tells us that these coins, listed as KM#137, are 12 mm in diameter.
I suppose the Krause people have been told time and again that this is incorrect and that the correct size is 18 mm.
Why do they stubbornly not correct this error?
Over half a century of experience as a coin collector.
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BC Numismatics

  There's a lot of incorrect information that has been asked for changes to years ago,yet the same mistakes still appear.

It's a shame that Krause doesn't have a Wikipedia-style wiki attached to their website,then they can get the correct information,plus updates of new & unlisted issues straight away.



There were so many errors and omissions in the New Zealand section of the KM proofs that I was sent to work on a couple of years ago that I made up a separate spreadsheet to record all the new and correct information for them ... and the data entry people overlooked the entire spreadsheet!  I think they worked the info in the next year, but even so, that was a rather disappointing start!