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Online photos for grading Great Britain coins?

Started by Alan Glasser, March 14, 2013, 11:21:42 PM

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Alan Glasser

Well, the cataloging continues of a mass of coins I have had since I was a kid....back in the Dark Ages. Today I happened on a small quantity of older (1800's-mid 1900's) British half pennies and pennies, shillings and florins. As part of the cataloging, I am trying to do a reasonably accurate job of grading the coins and finally puttig them in 2x2 holders. Are there any online photos of various grades so I can perhaps use them as a guide? Also, the "Sea Level" issue on the reverse of some earlier pennies is giving me fits. Is there any description online on what is a "High sea Level" and what isn't? I have searched a bit online but other tha books, I haven't really found any grading help. if there is a site or 2 out there that would help me a bit, I'd appreciate your sending a link.  Many thanks!!!   Alan 


I bought a book on Grading GB coins and am happy with it. It was around $20. 

I don't know of a site with pictures....but for a verbal description see Tony C's page


Alan Glasser

Thanks, Dale. If I don't find some online photos...I may take the plunge and buy the book. I ponly have about 20 coins that I would like to "grade", but I'll learn from the book in any event!

Thanks again.  Alan


Regarding the "low tide" variant, here's a picture of the two versions for 1902. The left-hand coin is "high tide" and the right is "low". The sea meet Britannia's legs virtually at the point where her left leg disappears behind her right (ever so slightly below that point). On the "low tide" version the sea level is noticeably lower.

1902 is the most famous example of this variant but I believe there are some Victorian pennies too where the sea level varies. I don't have any of the latter to illustrate though.


I don't know of other high and low seas variations but there could be. There were a lot varieties in 1861 but not with the sea I think. 1926 had the old and modified effigies types but keep an eye out especially for 1933  ;) I would likely give a dollar or two for it  8)



For cataloguing UK coins, I recommend the site of our member Tony Clayton. His take on the 1902 penny is here.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

Alan Glasser

Hello, Peter, FosseWay and Prosit. Many thanks. I think with the information you graciously shared, I will be able to "rough grade" the better Great Britain coins I found. Much appreciated!!!  Thanks!!

Mr. Tony Clayton, if you are reading this...what a wonderful, thorough and extremely helpful site!!! Great work and thanks!!!!! Alan