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coronation coin elizabeth II

Started by Michiel, January 02, 2013, 07:12:55 PM

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16 mm, 1,97 gram

plain rev.

can't find anything about this "coin"

UK Decimal +

Around the time of the Coronation, a number of 'collectable items' appeared and I think that I may have had something like this.

There is a possibility that it came as part of the 'decoration' of a box of chocolates, or similar.

Ilford, Essex, near London, England.

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I wonder if yours has had a loop removed? this is often the case.

Another similar on eBay at present, it reads...

'Plastic Facsimile Replica Copy Coronation Medallion Elizabeth II Coronation 1953. 22 mm diameter excluding loop, 1 gm. Measurements and weights are approximate.'
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