Shah Jahan Silver Rupee?

Started by iindica, August 07, 2012, 04:09:25 PM

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Year seems to be AH1038? Is that correct? Which mint? Thanks.


Quote from: iindica on August 07, 2012, 04:09:25 PM
Year seems to be AH1038? Is that correct? Which mint? Thanks.

WOW , another splendid specimen .

Our experts would attribute it .

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The second line of the reverse (top image) reads Shah Jahan Badshah and the balance Ghazi is seen on the very top. The third should be the mint name.......

Obverse is the Kalima.

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I can see 38 on the coin. Since, according to this list, Shah Jahan ruled 1037-1068 (31 years) this cannot be a regnal year and the full date must indeed be 1038.

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This is an early rupee in the name of Shah Jahan. The Hijri date is 1038 and the regnal year 1 (in numeral, not 'ahd'). The regnal year is shown above the 'be' of 'shihab'. 'sanah 1' is there engraved.
This feature of showing the first regnal year as a 1 and not written as ahd is rare, but is known for a few mints. The date combination 1038/1 is known for Tatta. Coins of this mint were struck according to the Ilahi calendar, but for a short period non-ilahi dated coins, viz. 1038/1 were issued.
Prior to this a coin AH1037/Ry.2, month: Tir is known of this mint. After that the coin dated 1038/1 was issued (1 Muharram 1038 H = 10 Shahrewar). The next noted Ilahi issue is 1038/Ry.2, month: Khurdad.
So the issue 1038/1 could have been struck for about 9 months. See ZENO #101814 for a more detailed explanation.
The few coins known of this date are illustrated in KM (KM#222.14) and on ZENO #27534 and #73813.