1953 Coronation Set of Queen Elizabeth II

Started by Abhay, June 09, 2012, 11:31:19 AM

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I got this Coronation Set of 1953, consisting of 10 Coins - From Farthing to Crown. A similar set was issued by New Zealand.
During the Reign of QE II, the following 24 countries have issued the coins:

1.    Australia
2.    Belize
3.    Bermuda
4.    British East Carribean
5.    Canada
6.    Cayman Islands
7.    Ceylon
8.    Cook Islands
9.    Cyprus
10.   East Carribean
11.   Falkland Islands
12.   Fiji
13.   Gibraltar
14.   Great Britain (UK)
15.   Guernsey
16.   Hong Kong
17.   Isle of Man
18.   Jersey
19.   Mauritius
20.   New Zealand
21.   Seychelles
22.   Solomon Islands
23.   South Africa
24.   Saint Helena

Besides Great Britain and New Zealand, was Coronation set issued by any other country?



The outer case is from the 1953 proof set, but they never had the plastic surround for the coins, so it is questionable as to whether they are proofs.


Yes, I agree that the coins were inserted in the plastic "Sandwich" afterwards, most probably to save the coins from getting tarnished. From the finish and the shine, the coins look Proof to me.

I have another such set, without the plastic casing, and the coins have tarnished due to exposure to air. The coins in the Plastic casing still look like new.