Portugal - 500 Escudos Macau

Started by Destrans, May 18, 2012, 01:29:20 PM

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Hello everybody

This is an outline for the issuance of 500 escudos of 1999 for the delivery of Macao to China, from the sculptor Paula Lawrence.
When Fórum Numismatas visited the Portuguese Mint INCM, we see the plaster of this non used design!

This same image was on the cover of the book "In memory of Macau and Your Money" by Dr. Nestor Fatia Vital

The coin actually struck:

Greetings from a sunny Portugal


And here are the two 10 Yuan commemorative coins China issued on this occasion. 8)

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My Portuguese friends are not too impressed with recent coin designs. I disagree. This design also is modernising and thoughtful and Bimat's pictures highlight the difference with the "whatever" designs coming out of China.

A visit to the mint and seeing an unused design would be my ida of a great day. Is the mint usually open to visitors?

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Hi Bimat

Do not forget this also...
A beautiful coin with a gold cameo encrusted

Portugal - Macau
DL 16/99/M de 12ABR1999
100 patacas 1999 Transferência de poderes da República Portuguesa para a República Popular de China sobre o território de Macau, proof
Royal Canadian Mint, Otava, Canada
Ag 925 Ø 38 mm 31,103g (1oz)
Cunhagem: 38888 unid.
COA 16062
AG 58.01, KM# 96