Articles about British coins in the WMF catalog

Started by chrisild, January 10, 2012, 12:51:30 AM

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Many of you will know that the UK, or rather the Royal Mint, will be the "guest of honour" at this year's World Money Fair in Berlin on 3-5 Feb 2012. That is also why quite a few articles in the WMF catalog deal with English and British coinage throughout the centuries. You can now download the WMF 2012 catalog here:
(PDF, about 27 MB)

Please note that a few pages are not "final" yet. But here are the articles that deal with the UK:
* The Royal Mint - Guest of Honour: Great Britain at the World Money Fair 2012
* British Museum, Cambridge, Oxford - The Three Big Institutions of Numismatic Research in Great Britain
* Magnus Maximus or the Last Romans in Britain
* Harold Harefoot or the Vikings in England
* Richard the Lionheart Ruins England
* Edward III - the Hundred Years War
* Henry VII - Founder of the Tudor Dynasty
* Henry VIII - the Man Who Had Six Wives
* Elizabeth I - Ruler of the Seven Seas
* Ironsides of England: Oliver Cromwell
* A German on the British Throne: George I
* Queen of an Empire: Victoria
* Toward the Present: Elizabeth II

There are other articles (and lots of ads :) ) in the catalog too. Most texts, including the ones listed above, are in both German and English. Don't expect any in-depth coverage or sensational revelations, but some of you may find it interesting ...