1992 UK pound bird designs rejected by Chancellor of the Exchequer

Started by <k>, October 13, 2011, 12:15:24 PM

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The problem I see with these designs are that they have birds representing different parts of the UK, but England doesn't have a national bird, I think Scotland might be the only one. So it would essentially be, here's a bird, by the way it represents this part of the country....


UK MMD 1991-England-Raven.jpg

England, raven.

UK MMD 1991~Scotland-Osprey.jpg

Scotland, osprey.

UK MMD 1991--.jpg

Mary Milner Dickens, 1991.

Recently released documents show that Mary Milner Dickens originally sent in only two designs for the competition: birds representing England and Scotland. She told the Royal Mint that she had only had time to do two designs, but if the Mint liked them, she would add the other two designs (for Wales and Northern Ireland). She explained that she had chosen a raven to represent England. (Not a crow, as I originally thought, but the two species are part of the same family). The accompanying documentation shows that she intended to do a puffin for Wales, but ultimately she did a design of a red kite instead.
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