Rare two pounds mule

Started by tonyclayton, September 09, 2011, 01:20:08 PM

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I have recently received a query concerning a two pound coin that is a mule, and worth looking out for.

It is the Abolition of Slavery coin.  It has the proof/uncirculated set reverse i.e. with the designer's initials and smooth surround to the chain links.

The obverse is that of a normal two pound coin, instead of the correct one saying TWO POUNDS under the portrait, so like the dateless 20p, this one has no indication of value.

To me it has come out of an uncirculated set rather than a proof set, as the Queen's head is not frosted.

This is on a par with the Gunpowder Plot two pounds with a STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS edge instead of the correct one (REMEMBER REMEMBER THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER)