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Some patterns from France

Started by <k>, August 24, 2011, 07:27:48 PM

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France, 5 francs, 1848. Pattern.

Any decent Frenchwoman would surely worry about her chickens being stolen when she was out.

Here is the perfect solution. Or did it just mean she was cuckolding somebody's husband?

Images courtesy of Künker.
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See: The Royal Mint Museum.


The head with the "little people wreath" (#28) I find ... a little too much. Could be puttos, or maybe the children of France. Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de la tête est arrivé! ;)

As for the next one (#29), that kind of nose I would have expected on an Italian coin, hehe. But it is OK here. What is not OK in my opinion is the over-symbolism: the French rooster, the (wheat?) ears, the (masonic?) earring ... and even the necklace has a lion's head, broken chains, and two mini shaking hands. Whew.

In that regard, the design in #30 is better: not that burdened with symbols. Marianne's helmet is well decorated, and the rooster's tail "flows" almost as nicely as her hair. :)