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Title: Akbar Dam Lahore AH987
Post by: TTerrier on June 05, 2020, 05:01:56 AM
Here is a dam from Lahore - as it turned out I actually had two from this mint with the same date but didn't discover that until I sorted them out.

The mint name caused me some confusion as the celators seem to move the "La" of Lahore around the coin.  Two coins from Zeno illustrate this:

The first one (Zeno #79880 owner Lingen) shows the La above the s of sultanate.

The second one (Zeno #100350 owner Akbar Baig) shows the La at the left of sultanate, with a decorative element now above the s.  It seems that the location changed on or around AH986 - AH987.

Akbar dam  Lahore mint 20.74gm  21 mm