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Title: Farrukhsiyar Rupee RY5
Post by: TTerrier on January 04, 2020, 11:51:36 PM
Here is my only coin of Farrukhsiyar - this is the first coin I have with a "couplet" on it.  I've seen a number of translations for the couplet but I will go with one I found on this board for a rupee from Lahore.  The rupee from Lahore is included in the overlay index of coins but for some reason I cannot see the images, only the text.

I've added in the English words to the overlay - I think this could be misleading in some cases because clearly single words may not translate correctly into the text read as a whole but at least it gives an English speaker (such as myself) some idea as to the meaning of each word.  The complete translated text is included below.

Farrukhsiyar rupee, 11.53 gm, 26.0 mm, RY5, AH 1128, Surat mint. cf Zeno #87476

Obverse:  Struck coin by the Grace of Truth on silver and gold, Emperor over sea and land Farrukhsiyar
Reverse:  Struck in the 5th year of his reign associated with prosperity

Title: Re: Farrukhsiyar Rupee RY5
Post by: Figleaf on January 11, 2020, 10:33:17 AM