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Title: Index of coins with an overlay, clarifying its text
Post by: Saikat on October 04, 2014, 04:17:18 PM
Here I am going to list of the great overlays that this forum has created. The list will be updated as and when I find something.

Mughal India

 Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur, AH 936, Copper, Rahman Type 103, [Explained] (,13598.0.html)
Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur (932-937 AH; 1525-1530AD), Shahrukhi, "Badshah" type (,6662.0.html)

Mughal - Nasir Al-Din Humayun - AR Mitqal CM over Timurid Tanka Sultan 'Ali (
Humayun, AR Shahrukhi, Lahore? (,33351.0.html)
Humayun nisfi (,16637.0.html)
Mughal Dynasty: Anonymous fractional Dams of Humayun (AH 937-968), mint Agra (,2544.msg85532.html#msg85532)
Humayun Bahluli, Dar al-mulk Hazrat Dehli (,15024.msg103016.html#msg103016)
Humayun light weight falus (,30018.0.html)
Humayun. Bahaloli. Mint: Dar al Aman, Agra AH 942. (,31765.0.html)


Akbar Dam Ahmadabad AH986 (,48740.msg304589.html#msg304589)
 Akbar Dam Lahore AH987 (,48700.msg304391.html#msg304391)
Akbar Dam Dogaon AH99? (,48425.msg302815.html#msg302815)
Akbar Dam Dogaon AH996 (,48414.msg302729.html#msg302729)
Akbar Dam AH984 Dogaon (,47920.msg299507.html#msg299507)
 Abkar Dam - Allahabad IE31 (,48364.msg302517.html#msg302517)
Akbar Dam Dehli Ilahi IE4X Ardibihisht (,48085.msg300628.html#msg300628)
Akbar Dam Lakhnau AH987 (,47660.msg297815.html#msg297815)
Akbar dam, mint Munimabad, 977Ah (,30579.msg193705.html#msg193705)
Akbar, Dam, Balapur mint, Ilahi 47  (,44894.0.html)
 Akbar damra of Balapur mint / month "mihr" (,32239.0.html)
Akbar, AR Dam, Dar al-Zarb Khitta Kalpi, AH964   (,37194.0.html)
Akbar dam, Gorakhpur mint, early type 97xAh (,30836.msg194681.html#msg194681)
Akbar dam, mint Tatta, ilahi 38   (,34190.0.html)
Akbar, Dam. Mint: Anhilwara Patan. AH 985 (,25701.0.html)
Rarest Chau tanki of Akbar- Delhi mint (,32338.msg204297.html#)
Akbar, Half Dam, Hisar Firoza Mint, KM# 22.19 (,31975.0.html)
Akbar dam mint Gwalior.  (,22476.msg150683.html#msg150683)
Akbar Dam Adl Falus Lahore AH 978 (,29496.0.html)
Akbar Dam, Lahore, Isfundermuz Month, Ilahi- 40 , (KM 32.17) (,29347.0.html)
6 Dams of Akbar to be identified (,27799.msg178758.html#msg178758)
Akbar, AE Dam, Mirath, Valentine Nos. 162 and 163 (,17653.msg120320.html#msg120320)
Akbar, AE Dam, Sambhal mint, Ilahi month "Di", year 37 (,17800.msg121226.html#msg121226)
Akbar, AE Dam, Multan mint, Ilahi 4X/Khurdad (,15107.msg103794.html#msg103794)
Akbar, AE Dam, Urdu Zafar Kareen, Ilahi 42 (,17939.msg122091.html#msg122091)
Dam of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Narnol (Flower type), AH 980 (,2491.msg12700.html#msg12700)
Akbar (AH963-1014/1556-1605AD): Damri (1/8 Dam), Hazrat Dehli, AH971, KM#10.1 (,4492.msg27504.html#msg27504)
Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), Dam, Urdu Zafar Qarin Mint, AH 1000, KM#34.1 (,4267.msg25731.html#msg25731)
Akbar, Nisfi (1/2 Dam), Burhanpur mint, Ilahi Yr 45, Khurdad (Gemini), KM#23.13 (,8417.msg55492.html#msg55492)
 Akbar, AE Dam, Srinagar, Ilahi year 44, month Di, Liddle type C-46 (,20328.msg137867.html#msg137867)
Akbar, AE Dam, Saharanpur, Ilahi 42, month Aban, KM#32.22, Liddle type C-45  (,19307.msg130432.html#msg130432)
Dam of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Narnol, AH 963 (,2392.msg12041.html#msg12041)
Akbar, AE Dam, Dehli mint, Ilahi 35, Unusual variety (,13440.msg92682.html#msg92682)
 Akbar Dam mint Agra 985 A.H (,13766.msg95324.html#msg95324)
Akbar. Dam. Hissar Firoza?  (,21384.msg144737.html#msg144737)
Akbar, Dam, Allahabad, Ilahi 31, Month Mihr (,14497.msg99770.html#msg99770)
Akbar Dam mint Lahore 977 A.H (A'dl type) (,13311.msg91701.html#msg91701)
Akbar Dam Mint Fathpur 986 A.H (,13745.msg95098.html#msg95098)
Akbar Dam 992 A.H. Mint- Ajmer (,12162.msg82316.html#msg82316)
Akbar, Dam. Mint: Chittor. AH 1001 (,8198.msg53681.html#msg53681)
Akbar, Dam, Mint: Dogaon, Dar al Salam, Ref: KM#28.19, AH XXX & AH 989 (,14478.msg99598.html#msg99598)
Akbar, Dam, Mint: Dogaon (Epithet?), AH 986 Ref: KM#28.1? (,14462.msg99489.html#msg99489)
Akbar, Dam, Mint: Dar al-Khilafat Lucknow, AH 986 & AH 995 Ref: KM#28.37  (,14462.msg99489.html#msg99489)
Akbar, AE Dam, Sarhind mint, Ilahi 4X (,15085.msg103669.html#msg103669)
Unidentified Indian coin (,8730.msg63484.html#msg63484)
Reading the 12 Ilahi months on copper coins of Akbar (,6918.0.html)
Akbar, Suri-Style Dam, Alwar mint, Lahore Museum cat. No. 879 (,12692.msg86156.html#msg86156)
Akbar Dam (,2479.msg12678.html#msg12678)
Akbar, AE Dam, Malpur mint, AH985, KM#28.38 (,8496.0.html)
Small AE coin, 3.08g ,Mughal fraction of Akbar, Delwara mint (,21292.msg144321.html#msg144321)
contmporary counterfeit like a Mughal Dam? (,16959.msg117289.html#msg117289)
Akbar, 1/2 Dam, Sukkar mint, Ilahi 46, Liddle#C55 (,8418.0.html)

Akbar, AR Ilahi Rupee set of 12 months, Ahmadabad mint   (,47534.0.html)
Akbar I, Lahore mint, Ilahi 47, month: Aban, half Rupee, KM 66.3. (with overlay) (,42165.0.html)

Akbar Rupee Urdu Zafar Qarin - Undated (,47986.msg299916.html#msg299916)
Rupee of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Ahmadabad, Ilahi yr 4X, Bahman (,2763.0.html)
Akbar, Anonymous Rupee (Rebellion issue of Prince Salim), Allahabad, ND, KM97.1 (,3646.0.html)
Akbar: Silver Rupee, Allahabad, ornamental type (contains the overlay of the Rebellion issue of Prince Salim) (,32619.msg206086.html#msg206086)
Mughal Dynasty: Rupee of Akbar, Kalima Type, 982AH (1574 AH), Mint Agra(?). (Persian alphabets  explained) (,2681.0.html)
Rupee of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), mint Ahmadabad, Ilahi yr 40 or 46, Mihr (,2499.0.html)
 Akbar, Rupee, Mint: Urdu Zafar Qarin and date Alif (= AH 1000) (,16583.msg114214.html#msg114214)
Akbar square rupee Urdu zafar qarin mint 1000 A.H wide flan (,18749.msg127104.html#msg127104)
Akbar Square Silver Rupee - help to attribute ? (,18801.msg127382.html#msg127382)
Akbar Rupee (,16595.msg114277.html#msg114277)
Akbar (AH963-1014, 1556-1605 AD), Rupee, Kalima Type, 975AH (1567 AD), Agra mint (,4837.0.html)
Akbar, Ornamental style Rupee, KM#94.3, Lahore mint, 50 year, Amardad month (,32399.0.html)
Akbar Rupee, Berar mint, Ilahi 4x, "Ram" in persian (,38936.0.html)

Akbar Falus: Ujjain Mint (,1546.msg56347.html#msg56347)
Akbar, Falus of Malwa-type: Two examples and a question   (,5207.0.html)
Akbar falus, Ahmednagar mint- A new type   (,31510.0.html)

Jahangir Ahmadnagar copper falus AH.1017, RY.4 (,47598.0.html)
 Jahangir, 4 Tanki, Pre-accession coinage (,40494.0.html)
Jahangir, Rupee, Pre-accession coinage,KM#140.1 (,40496.0.html)
 Mughal, Jahangir, Malwa standard falus, Ujjain mint (,5915.0.html)
Jahangir as Prince Salim, Rupee, Ahmadabad mint, ND (RY2), KM#140.2 (,3694.0.html)
Jahangir - Lahore Rupee AH 1036/RY22 - Liddle S-108  (,42777.msg279399.html#msg279399)
Jahangir, Rupee, Qandahar mint, "Dil Khah" Couplet, AH1027/RY 12, KM#142.2 (,8221.0.html)
Jahangir Qandahar falus yr 3 , any reference for this type? (,20688.msg140158.html#msg140158)
Jahangir or Shah Jahan. Mint: Malwa area? Please help (,20768.msg140972.html#msg140972)
Rupee in the name of Noor Jahan, AH1034/Ry.20, Lahore, KM#168.4  (,20212.msg137145.html#msg137145)
Rupee of Jahangir (AH1014-1037/1605-1628AD), Ahmadabad, AH1027, RY13 (KM149.4) (,2527.0.html)
Jahangir (AH1014-1037/1605-1627AD): AE Dam, Agra mint, 1021 AH/RY 7, KM#126.1 (,4467.msg27147.html#msg27147)
Jahangir, Rupee mint: Lahore, RY 9, Month: Dai (Capricorn). Ref: KM#145.11 (,6587.msg42209.html#msg42209)
Rupee in the name of Noor Jahan, AH1035/RY 20, Surat, KM#168.6 (,11621.0.html)
Nur Jahan: Silver Rupee, Surat, AH 1034 RY 2x (,34550.msg218194.html#msg218194)
Jahangir, AE Dam, Deogiri mint, Liddle type C-2 (,14550.msg135163.html#msg135163)
Jahangir, Ajmer , Dam, AH 1025, KM #126.8 (,38380.0.html)
JAHANGIR DOUBLE STRIKE (,13517.msg93413.html#msg93413)
Jahangir, Rupee, Agra, KM# 145.1 (,39628.0.html)
Jahangir 20% overweight rupee (Jahangiri), Tatta mint KM#152.7 (,40412.0.html)
Jahangir Rupee Inayat couplet (,16938.msg279401.html#msg279401)

Shah Jahan
Shah Jahan, AR Rupee, Shahjahanabad mint, KM# 228.4 (,45648.0.html)
SHAH JAHAN. Rupee. Mint: Multan. AH 1046 RY 9 (,28477.msg182553.html#msg182553)
Shah Jahan, Rupee, Multan mint, AH(10)38/RY 2, Ilahi month Tir, KM# 222.11 * (,17983.0.html)
 Shah Jahan   (,19743.msg133634.html#msg133634)
Shah Jahan, Rupee Ahmedabad, AH 1037 RY Ahd (,8667.0.html)
Shah Jahan. Rupee, Mint: Surat, AH 1066, RY 29, KM#235.23 (,7877.0.html)
Mughal Dynasty: Shah Jahan, two Rupee coins, Surat mint  (,1836.0.html)
Shah Jahan, Rupee, Patna mint, AH1039/RY 2, Ilahi month Bahman, KM# 224.16 * (,17654.0.html)
Shah Jahan, Rupee, Katak, AH1069(?). Ref.: KM#235.15 (,17112.0.html)
Shah Jahan, Rupee, AH1061/Ry 25, Lahore mint (,30224.0.html)
Shah Jahan, Akbarabad, Rupee, AH 1039/Ry 3, KM 226.1 (,38100.0.html)

Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Surat mint, RY 6, KM#206.6 (,6841.0.html)
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Narnol, AH(10)42, Unpublished (,18546.0.html)
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068), Dam, mint Daryakot, (unpublished mint), AH1045, RY 8,  (,5009.0.html)
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Akbarabad mint, RY 5, KM#206.1 (,6842.msg44542.html#msg44542)
Shah Jahan (AH1037-1068/1628-1658AD), Dam, Bairata mint, KM#206.2 (,4891.0.html)
Shah Jahan, AE Dam, Lakhnau mint, KM#206.4 (,17258.0.html)
Shah Jahan 1/2 dam Qandahar 1052 AH yr 15: Afghanistan or Deccan ? (,18725.0.html)
Shah Jahan, AE Dam, Ahmadabad mint, RY 6, Ilahi month (10) Di; KM#206.9 (,4648.0.html)

Aurangzeb, Rupee, AH1112/Ry 44, Bareli mint (,30083.0.html)
Aurangzeb, AE Paisa, Shahjahanabad mint, KM#285.9  (,17946.0.html)
Aurangzeb (AH1068-1118), 1/2 Paisa, Haidarabad mint, AH1106/38, KM#283.1 (,5015.0.html)
Aurangzeb Alamgir (AH1068-1118), AE Paisa, Machhlipatan, AH1114/RY46, KM#285.6 (,12432.0.html)
Aurangzeb Rupee, Shahjahanabad, KM 300.81, AH 1116/RY 49. (,16670.0.html)
 Aurangzeb Rupee - yr41 - Lucknow mint (,6392.0.html)
Aurangzeb Alamgir (AH1068-1118 / 1658-1707AD), Dam, Surat mint, RY 7, KM#286.4 (,4906.0.html) it Alamgir, Shah Alam or Aurangzeb. Please help attribute (,16960.msg118491.html#msg118491)
Aurangzeb (AH1068-1118), Paisa, Haidarabad mint, AH1106/49 (Error Date?) (,7044.0.html)
Aurangzeb. Rupee, Mint: Nusratgarh (Jinji)? AH 1101, RY 34. (,16791.msg115674.html#msg115674)
 Aurangzeb (AH1068-1118), Dam, Singhana mint, AH1112/RYXX  (,7034.0.html)
Aurangzeb, half paisa, mailapur mint! 1116Ah. Rare!! (,36224.msg229185.html#msg229185)

Kam Baksh
Kam Baksh dar al zafar Bijapur, 1120Ah copper (,32545.0.html)

Shah Alam Bahadur
Shah Alam Bahadur (AH1119-24;1707-12AD), Rupee, Shahjahanabad, AH1122/4, KM#347* (,6923.0.html)
Shah Alam Bahadur (AH1119-24;1707-12AD), Rupee, Lahore mint, AH1121/3, KM#347.13* (,5342.0.html)
Shah Alam Bahadur, Rupee, khambayat mint  (,18280.msg124390.html#msg124390)
Shah Alam Bahadur paisa, Bahadurgarh mint (,33301.0.html)

Jahandar Shah
Mughals: Jahandar Shah (AH1124), Various Rupees (,3024.0.html)
Jahandar Shah, AE Paisa, Surat mint (,17801.0.html)


Farrukhsiyar (AH1124-31/AD1713-19), Rupee, Mint Lahore, 1125 AH/RY 2, KM#377.43  (,4473.0.html)
Farrukhsiyar Rupee RY5  , Surat mint (,47566.0.html)
Rafi-Ud-Darjat, Silver Rupee, Itawa mint, KM# 405.8 (,42670.0.html)

Shah Jahan II (Rafi-ud-Daula)
Shah Jahan II (Rafi-ud-Daula) (AH1131/AD1719), Rupee, Shahjahanabad, KM#415.23 (

Muhammad Shah
Muhammad shah Bhakkar.  (,24929.msg164305.html#msg164305)
Muhammad Shah (AH1131-61, 1719-48AD), Paisa, AH1144/RY14, Machilipatan, KM#430.5 (,6840.0.html)
Mogul Rupee AH 1152 (,15538.msg106715.html#msg106715)
Muhammad Shah, Rupee, AH1144/Ry 14, Kora mint (,29895.0.html)
Muhammad Shah rupee Azimabad RY8 (,47518.msg296997.html#msg296997)
Muhammad Shah rupee RY3 Itawa (,47499.msg296880.html#msg296880)
Muhammad Shah rupee RY3 Surat  (,47489.msg296832.html#msg296832)

Ahmad Shah Bahadur
Maratha Rupee i.n.o. Ahmad Shah Bahadur, Katak mint (struck at Nagpur), RY 5  (,6628.0.html)

Alamgir II (AH1167-73,1754-59AD), Rupee, Lahore mint, 1168AH/RY 1, KM#460.13 (,4491.0.html)
Shah Alam II (AH1174-1221, 1759-1806 AD), Rupee, Shahjahanabad mint, KM#709.2 (,4366.0.html)
Muhammad Akbar II (AH1221-23, 1806-37AD), Rupee, Shahjahanabad mint, KM#777 (,6713.0.html)

Post Mughal Coinage of Ahmedabad - A presentation. (,38055.0.html)