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Title: Lithuania: "Journey of the Vytis" exhibition in Kaunas
Post by: chrisild on May 11, 2014, 06:34:57 PM
The knight on a horse, called Vytis, has been a symbol ( of Lithuania for a long time. He can also be found on most coins from the country. An exhibition in Kaunas (which opens on Tuesday) shows his history on Lithuanian coinage.

Vytis: From the Lithuanian Denar to the Euro (Information in English ( and Lithuanian (
Bank of Lithuania, Kaunas, Maironio gatvė 25 (13 May - 30 June)

Attached are images (from the Lithuanian version of the media release) which show three different coins featuring the vytis. You can see larger images here: (early 15th century, I think) (1555, similar to the one shown in this topic ( (yes, they have "euro coins" there)