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Title: CZ 2013: Tenor Beno Blachut born 100 years ago
Post by: chrisild on July 30, 2013, 12:24:44 AM
The Czech Mint has just issued a collector coin that honors the opera singer (tenor) Beno Blachut ( who was born 100 years ago. This 500 Kč silver coin comes in two versions: "standard" (BU) and proof.

6,600 standard (BU) coins were minted ...
... and 13,900 proof coins.

What I find interesting is that both sides (image: Czech Mint) feature a portrait of Beno Blachut: On the reverse you have his head in a semi-profile view; the obverse shows him "silhouette style" with titles of operas that he sang in.

PS: An image of the proof version obverse is here (,4001.msg151061.html#msg151061).