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Title: Poland: Euro 2012 Commemorative
Post by: Bimat on June 01, 2012, 05:19:34 AM
Euro 2012 hosts unveil double-currency jigsaw coin

Agence France-Presse Last updated on Thursday, 31 May 2012 23:24

Warsaw: Euro 2012 co-hosts Poland and Ukraine are to issue a special commemorative double-currency coin to mark the European football championships, Poland's central bank (NBP) said on Thursday.

"Juxtaposed here are two silver halves, with respective face values of 10 Polish zloty (2.3 euro, $2.8) and 10 Ukrainian hryvnia (1 euro, $1.2), that together form one unique coin that is without global precedent," the NBP said in a statement.

The NBP unveiled the limited-edition bi-national design on Thursday along with several other Polish coins ahead of the football showcase that kicks off on June 8 in Polish capital Warsaw and ends on July 1 in Ukrainian capital Kiev.

The NBP will mint 5,000 of the round double-currency coins, which collectors can buy for 600 zloty each.

Another jigsaw coin in the collection is a uniquely-shaped square silver piece composed of four smaller square coins symbolising each of the four Polish cities to host games.

The most expensive piece in the set is a gold coin with a face-value of 500 zloty. Each of the 1,000 copies will retail for 16,000 zloty. Its floral designs allude to the official symbols of Euro 2012.

The quadrennial football showcase, Europe's largest, will be held for the first time behind the former Iron Curtain when ex-communist countries Ukraine and Poland co-host the tournament this year.

Poland will host Euro 2012 matches in four cities including the capital Warsaw, Poznan in the west, the Baltic port of Gdansk and Wroclaw in the southwest.

Ukraine will host in the capital Kiev, Lviv in the west, Donetsk in the east and Kharkiv in the northeast.


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