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Figleaf (Peter) has been a coin collector since 1959. He started out collecting Dutch coins, branched out to British Commonwealth coins. Starting with Franklin mint and Pobjoy mint (both private issuers of pseudo coins), the field became poisoned and unaffordable. In this period of disillusion with coin collecting, he chanced upon a coin forum. He ended up starting his own forum in English, with a broad interest and a democratic, tolerant and inclusive character.

Tokens provided a new collecting interest. The field is much wider than coins, mostly not catalogued, free from many restrictions that coins have and largely free from pseudo issues - though some advertising tokens are close.

In 2013, Peter's collection, an estimated 150 000 pieces, were stolen. The culprits were caught, but the collection did not resurface. It is likely that the burglars realised that most pieces, especially the tokens, could not be sold and threw the albums away. His many, much appreciated friends helped him through this very difficult period. His collection of tokens - proudly including a great fun collection of UK transportation tokens - is growing, but still very modest.

If you read this and are not a member, click this link to the forum and enjoy: World of Coins

--Figleaf (talk) 12:05, 30 August 2014 (CDT)