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Ferry Token

This token is thought to be Swedish or maybe Finnish, used around 1900s.

Obverse: Ånglupsbolaget Villan - (Steamship Company Villan)

Reverse: RV722 Morell stamp

Source Auction Site
Filename UNKN-XX-1.jpg
Value not stated
Add Desc. round, 5 pointed star centre hole,

used around 1900s

Size (mm)
Weight (g) 1.5
Manufacture White Metal
Notes Photo: Magnus Wijk, Myntauktioner i Sverige

REF Token

Ferry Token 2

This token is from an unknown company from Stockholm.

Obverse: Barn Pollett 5 (Reused as 30 token) - Child Token 5

Reverse: ?

Source Auction Site
Filename UNKN-XX-2.jpg
Value 30
Add Desc. Round with 3 curved cut outs and 30 stencil cut on reused token
Size (mm)
Weight (g) 1.3
Manufacture Brass
Notes Photo: Magnus Wijk, Myntauktioner i Sverige

REF Token

Skilift Token

Obverse: Liften lev. av Ing firma G. Henriksson - (The Lift supplied by engineering firm G. Henriksson) in incuse oval

Reverse: Blank

Source Auction
Filename UNKN-SKI-1.jpg
Value none given (skilift passage)
Add Desc. Round
Size (mm) 25.0
Weight (g)
Manufacture Aluminium