Ukrainian national issues

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The tokens below are sometimes assigned to Kyiv. It is indeed unlikely that no tokens were in use there during the high inflation years. However, it is at least equally unlikely that there were no national tokens in the later years. It is possible that the Kyiv tokens were made valid throughout the consolidation period, all the more since TUK2 and TUK2b seem to be the most common Ukrainian telephone tokens.

Ukranian national tokens typically have a thin outer ring on the edge of both sides. There are quite a few unassigned telephone tokens of this period and some may be Ukrainian national tokens. Hopefully, with further research, it will be possible to extend the list in the table below.

Ukrainian national issues
Filename TUK1
Side 1 Tryzuba / УКРАÏНА in bar.
Side 2 Dial / ТЕЛЕФОН / telephone horn.
Material Aluminium.
Size (mm) 20
Weight (grams) 1.1
Source gringo.l@Numista
Filename TUK2
Side 1 Tryzuba in ring.
Side 2 ТЕЛЕФОН in bar.
Material Aluminium.
Size (mm) 20.0
Weight (grams)
Notes Watchit.jpgTUK2 varieties
Source Savosin & Is'kov