Some Dutch terminology

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This is a list of terms that occur on coffee tokens. Keep in mind that in Dutch, words can be combined, e.g. machinefabriek = machine + fabriek = machine factory

  • Automaten. Vending machines.
  • Automobiel. Car.
  • Bond. Union.
  • B.V. Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid. A legal form for a limited liability company with non-transferable shares. The B.V. form was created in 1971, which may help establishing a dating range of the token.
  • Cantine (spelling until 1995). Cafetaria
  • Co. Company: partners.
  • Consumptie. Consumption.
  • Dranken. Drinks
  • Fabriek. Factory.
  • Gebr. Brothers.
  • Gemeente. Municipality.
  • Gemeenschap. Community.
  • Industrie. Industry.
  • Kantine (spelling since 1995). Cafetaria.
  • Koffie. Coffee. Both words are pronounced practically the same way.
  • Kon. Royal.
  • Maatschappij. Society
  • N.V. Naamloze Vennootschap. A legal form for a limited liability company with transferable shares.
  • Personeel. Staff
  • Penning. Token.
  • Schoenen. Shoes.
  • Vereniging. Association.
  • Wed. Widow.
  • Werf. Ship yard
  • Voorziening. Provision.
  • Ziekenhuis. Hospital.
  • Zn. Sons, e.g. Zorge & Zn. is Mr. Zorge and his sons.