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The IPM logo stands for Industria Politecnica Meridionale (Southern Polytechnical Industry ), an Italian telecommunications company. IPM was founded by Remo De Feo, a former Ericsson employee who opened a telephone repair workshop in Arzano (metropolitan Naples) in 1958 . The company is a major international producer of public telephones.

The ESM logo stands for Emilio Senesi Medaglie. Emilio Senesi was an engraver from Milan. He set up a workshop for medals in Lambrate, a suburb of Milan. The workshop was destroyed by bombing in 1944. The machines were relocated to Corbetta and used for the war industry. The enterprise moved back to Milan in 1946. In 1959, ESM obtained the sole contract for Italian telephone tokens. It moved to a more specious factory in 1960. EMS lost its monopoly in 1971, whereupon it started marking its telephone tokens with the EMS logo. When Emilio Senesi died in 1976, the enterprise was continued by family members.

WBI is Wsaradda Boosta Isgarsiinta (Ministry of Post and Telegraph). W is Wsaradda (ministry). The significance of the number 18 is unknown. It may be a misinterpretation of BI or IB, so that the whole counterstamp would be W/BI, Wsaradda Boosta Isgarsiinta.

Until 2014, the responsible ministry was known as Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunication. Since 2014, the ministry is called Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

The numbers on the tokens are a combination of year and month, e.g. 7807 is July 1978.

Somalia telephone tokens
Filename TSO1
Side 1 IPM monogram, WBI, date
Side 2 Vintage telephone
Manufacture Bronze
Size (mm) 24.3
Weight (grams) 7.2
Notes Watchit.jpgTSO1 Date Varieties
Source Afrasi
Filename TSO2
Side 1 ESM monogram, 7701
Side 2 Vintage telephone
Manufacture Bronze
Size (mm) 24.3
Weight (grams) 7.2
Notes Two mechanical counterstamps W/18 in circle