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Even before the October revolution, a number of plans were made for a city railway in what is now Saint Petersburg. The Czarist regime largely did not find them credible and revolution and war stopped later plans. The successful planning phase start in 1947. Construction began in the following year. The first section was opened on 5th November 1955, two days before the 31st anniversary of the October revolution. Saint Petersburg's deepest station is Admiralteyskaya, 86 metres below ground level. The network has been greatly expanded since and is starting to look like a hub-and-spokes lay-out.

Saint Petersburg in Wikipedia

Ploshchad Vosstaniya.jpg

The building on RSP01 is the Ploshchad Vosstaniya station, seen from the back. It is an illustrative example of the opulent Stalinist style of construction for underground networks.

S Petersburg metro logo.png

The metro's logo is a blue combined tunnel and M. It is the only Metro system in Russia to use a Blue M. Until the dissolution of the USSR, the system was officially known as Ленинградский Ордена Ленина Метрополитен имени В.И. Ленина, the V.I. Lenin Order of Lenin Leningrad Metropoliten.

There is a long series of souvenir tokens with a common side of the logo, with METPO underneath, surrounded by ДЛЯ ПРОХОДА and В МЕТРОПОЛИТЕН, for entry into metropoliten. They were sold above par, loose or in a blister package. They could no longer be used for entry into the metro.

Saint Petersburg metro in Wikipedia

Anniversary tokens of the St. Petersburg subway

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Filename RSP01
Side 1 Building, ЛЕНМЕТРОПОЛИТЕН and ИМЕНИ В.И. ЛЕНИНА, Lenmetropoliten, named after V.I. Lenin
Side 2 M, ДЛЯ ПРОХОДА and ОПУСТИТЬ В ТУРНИКЕТ, insert in turnstile to pay for entry
Manufacture nickel alloy
Size (mm) 21
Weight (grams)
Notes It is made at the Leningrad Mint (ЛМД). In circulation 1958-1961.
Source Kozhara
Filename RSP02
Side 1 САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ, Saint-Petersburg, curl
Side 2 M underlined ДЛЯ ПРОХОДА В МЕТРОПОЛИТЕН, for entry into metropoliten
Manufacture brass
Size (mm) 23.3
Weight (grams) 4.2
Notes In circulation since 1992. RSP02 varieties
Source Kozhara
Filename RSP03
Side 1 M logo
Side 2 chip number
Manufacture white plastic with blue logo
Size (mm) 23.3
Weight (grams)
Notes Used 2006-2011, for the transportation of baggage in the subway. RSP03 varieties
Source Kozhara