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Redland, Braas en Bredero (RBB) was a joint venture between British building materials producer Redland plc, its German branch Braas GmbH and Dutch construction company and building material producer Bredero established in 1964. At inception, the joint venture controlled 80% of the Dutch market for roof tiles. In spite of that auspicious number, RBB had a difficult mission. After the second world war, rapid mechanisation in the building materials branch changed its outlook. It made less and less sense, even for large construction companies, to make their own building materials, for lack of scale. Bredero wanted to concentrate on construction and saw RBB as a way to make its building materials division remunerative, by offering its market share. Redland-Braas wanted to incrase market size and needed capital to finance mechanisation.

In 1986, Bredero starte having liquidity problems as its real estate arm tottered to insolvency. It sold its part in the joint venture to Redland-Braas. Soon after, French building materials producer Lafarge bought Redland-Braas. Remarkably, there still is a company Redland-Braas-Bredero Belgium NV in Tessenderlo, in Belgium. It was founded in 1968.

The tokens were produced by Solomatic

Redland-Braas Bredero
Filename MRB1
Side 1 R.B.B. in swirl
Manufacture Brass
Size (mm) 22
Weight (grams)
Source Figleaf