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On independence in 1949, the telephone supervisor was the Posts & Telegraph Department, while in 1962, Pakistan Telephone & Telegraph Department became the executive government agency. This agency issued Pakistan's telephone tokens. In 1991, the Pakistan Telephone & Telegraph Department was succeeded by the Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTC). This company was renamed in 1995 to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL), to reflect its listing on the Pakistan stock exchange. However, the government still holds a majority of the shares. The company no longer has a legal monopoly for the telecommunication sector. With the introduction of competition, both the network size and the service level have increased significantly.

Note that the 10 paisa coins 1974-1981 was also 22 mm. However, it had 12 scallops, while the token has 14 scallops. The token is brass, while the coin is aluminium. The token may have been necessary because aluminium coins are too light to work well in payment mechanisms. The aluminium coins circulated from 1974. Previously, the 10 paisa coins were copper-nickel.

Pakistan telephone tokens
Filename TPA1
Side 2 telephone and TOKEN in circle of stars
Manufacture brass
Size (mm) 21.9
Weight (grams)
Notes Scalloped. Watchit.jpgTPA1 date varieties
Source Groenendijk