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An important element of Dutch society was its division into segments (verzuiling.) These segments were sometimes reflected in (non-profit) institutions. Those who have R.K. in the name are Roman Catholic. Those whose name includes Chr. are protestant, while socialists liked to include arbeid (work) in their name. Liberals did not have their own segment, as they were against segmentation. Many others have no or an oblique religious or political reference in their names. Even enterprises could be segmented, e.g. the supermarket of choice was De Gruyter for catholics and Albert Heyn for protestants.

It was not unusual to have two to four institutions offering the same or similar services segmented by religion or politics. A prime example is broadcasting. State broadcasting institutions like NOS and its predecessors would provide infrastructure, supervision and "public interest" programmes, such as free time slots for political parties at election time. KRO was there for catholics, while protestants could turn to NCRV for the mainstream and VPRO for those at the fringe, VARA catered to socialists while AVRO serviced liberals. These organisations still exist, but they have changed character, sometimes radically.

Liberals generally did not participate in segmentation, other than supporting public institutions and institutions with algemeen (general), centraal, rijks (state) or gemeentelijk (civic) in their name. Public institutions were neutral, but often thought of as anti-segmentation. Population segmenting occurred in other countries also, such as Belgium (on the basis of language) and Ireland (based on religion.) Segmentation in the Netherlands was not violent, but it was competitive. Segmentation lost its importance as secularisation advanced in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Educational and (semi-)scientific institutions

Medical and social institutions

Institutions for radio and television

  • AVRO Hilversum
  • KRO Hilversum
  • NCRV Hilversum
  • Omroep Nederlandse Omroep Stichting - Dutch broadcasting foundation, Hilversum
    • NRU Nederlandsche Radio Unie - Dutch Radio Union
    • NTS Nederlandse Televisie Stichting - Dutch television foundation
    • Radio Televisie Nederlandse Omroep Stichting - Dutch broadcasting foundation
  • VARA Hilversum

Other institutions

  • ABP Heerlen - Civil service pension fund
  • Zuivelbureau The Hague - National dairy promotion organisation