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In 1925, Frits Koolhoven managed to take control of the assets of his last employer, which was bankrupt. This was the basis of his own company, Koolhoven vliegtuigen, based at Waalhaven airport. Koolhoven's designs were innovative, but many failed to attract orders. By 1933, Koolhoven sold passenger as wel as military airplanes, though. As war loomed, demand for military planes went up. The company's assets were destroyed by nazi bombers on 10th May 1940, the day of the surrender of the Dutch military (the queen and cabinet had moved to Great Britain and continued to fight). The company could not be re-surrected. Frits Koolhoven died in 1946. The remaining assets of the company were acquired by Fokker in 1956.

The token below was used to pay for coffee, but it was not used in coffee vending machines, as these had not yet been introduced. Rather, they could be bought in the company canteen for 3 cents. Coffee was served in paper cups in the morning. The coffee server had a company made large coffee kettle hanging on his back. The kettle was equipped with a tube ending in a tap.

Filename RKV1
Side 1 Koolhoven logo
Side 2 blank
Manufacture Brass
Size (mm) 25.2
Weight (grams) 4.2
Source Jezuss