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Frovi is a town in Lindesbergs kommun in Örebro County in Västmanland ,on the side of Lake Väringen south central Sweden.

Theodor Tersmeden was a mill owner near Frövi in Näsby Parish. His company Hinsebergs gods needed a road over Näsby Heden (Näsby Heath) to the railway station and so he paid for a road to be built across it. As he paid for the road, he was allowed by the Parish to levy a toll for the use of the road for 5 years from 1867-1872 of 3 öre. This was paid at the gate to Frövi railway station where the road began.

Obverse: Näsby-Heden (3 Rosettes)- Näsby Heath

Reverse: Blank

Näsby Heden
NH- NV-1.jpg
Source (Smith)
Filename NH- NV-1.jpg
Value 3 Öre
Add Desc. Blank Reverse

Used 1867-1872

Size (mm) 24.5
Weight (g) 3.94
Manufacture Brass
Notes Smith Sweden 590VA

Manufacturer Sporrong


Beskrifning öfver svenska kopparmynt och polletter: Tom II: Polletter (sv) [Description of Swedish copper coins and tokens: Vol. II: Tokens] Stiernstedt, A.V. (SW)