Folkets Park Ellös

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In 1927, Anders Hellman built a Folkets hus in Ellös. It stood on the site where Västra Orust association is now located. In 1936, the Ellös building association was formed. It bought Anders Hellman's property. In and around the house it offered sports facilities, films, function room and, during the summer, an open air dancing floor.

In 1944, planning began for a new Folkets Hus and the purchase of the property where it was to be built. The new building was constructed close to the old one, which was extensively renovated and named Westmans. The new house was opened in 1953. (photo: Ellös Parken: West entrance) It added a home for the manager, a library, a study room and a meeting room, a theatre and cinema facility. It proved to be a successful meeting place, even for the municipal council and organised bazaars, parties and a Christmas market. In a further expansion in 1963, a restaurant building, a dancing hall and an outdoor stage were added.

The next decade was the heyday of the park. There were activities every weekend throughout the year and sometimes, in summer, on weekdays. The Ellös building society had further extension plans, issued a bond loan and bought land around the park. This brought it in financial difficulties. In 1979, the municipality took over the house, grounds and bond loan.

A new, broad based association of non-profit members was formed, but it was unable to come up with enough money even for maintenance. Volunteers were unable to stem the tide. The complex seemed destined to be abandoned as membership dwindled. In 2015, a new non-profit took over, opening membership to commercial sponsors. The aim is to revive the complex. In 2018, the outdoor dance floor and the restaurant kitchen were renovated.