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  • The Bussophone was copyrighted in 1923 by Pierre Bussoz (1872 - 1958) of Paris, France, the inventor of the Bussophone, the ancestor of the jukebox. Less than 10 units are known to exist today. He gave the rights to the American Rudolph Wurlitzer Company (usually referred to as Wurlitzer) in 1928.
Material Nickel-brass
Filename BUS001
Description Bussoz & De Vere Paris
Rev. Phonographes Automatiques
Size (mm) 24
Notes maker Thevenon
Source © malj1 Collection
Material Brass
Filename BUS002
Description Bussophone Paris
Rev. Bussoz 79 Rue de Clignancourt
Size (mm) 23
Source © malj1 Collection