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In 1873, Gerrit Boon opened a carpentry shop in Amsterdam. He became aware of revolving doors after a patent was awarded in 1888 to US inventor Theophilus van Kannel. Revolving doors allow cheaper inside climate control and reduce outside noise. As Gerrit's son, Jacob had his own enterprise, Gerrit passed on his business in 1944 to Jacobus Huber. Huber and his brother acquired the business in 1977. The Huber family still runs the enterprise.

In 1970, Boon was re-located to Edam, changing its name to Boon Edam. Photo: Google Maps. The company expanded greatly, adding production facilities in the US (Boon Edam Tomsed) and China. It is increasingly concentrating on access control for security purposes. In 2013, the company was allowed to call itself Royal Boon Edam.

Boon Edam
Filename EBO1
Side 1 BOON / EDAM on revolving door symbol
Side 2 Blank
Manufacture Copper-nickel
Size (mm) 22.5
Weight (grams) 4.7
Source Figleaf