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In 1800 Alexander Pirie took over the Stoneywood Mill, on the river Don near Aberdeen, from his uncle Alexander Smith, who had established the mill in 1770. Pirie converted the mill to make white paper. In 1828 a huge water wheel is installed to provide power. Pirie successfully participated in the Paris exhibition of 1855. The Pirie family had a French branch. The company developed quickly, as can be seen from the attached ad from 1882. In 1898 Alex Pirie & Sons was formed into a Limited Company. In 1890 there were six machines in operation at Stoneywood, employed between 1500 and 1600 people and by 1900 was producing 150 tons of paper per week. In 1921 the Waterton mill is built adjacent to Stoneywood.

In 1922 Alex Pirie & Sons is amalgamated with Wiggins Teape to form Wiggins, Teape & Alex. Pirie Limited. One of the prime motives for the merger is to enter the British market for photographic paper, hitherto dominated by US companies. This company would eventually merge with Appleton Papers in 1991 and then with Arjomani Piroux in 1999 to create ArjoWiggins Appleton.

Aberdeen Alex Pirie & Sons
Source (Smith 30/BJ)
Filename APS.002
Add Desc. Aberdeen & Stoneywood
Size (mm) 33
Manufacture Aluminum