Aberdeen Suburban Tramway Company

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Local businessmen wished Aberdeen Corporation to extend the tram services to the suburbs but the corporation was unwilling. They therefore proposed to set up a private tramway company and Aberdeen Corporation agreed. The Aberdeen Suburban Tramway Company was incorporated by act of parliament in 1902, UKHL 872, to provide tram services to Aberdeen's suburbs. It began building it's tramlines in 1903 and began operating in March 1904. It had two separate tramway services in Aberdeen. These were extensions from the terminus of Aberdeen Corporation Tramways routes - from the Great Western Road terminus to Bieldside church and from the Great Northern Road terminus to Stoneywood church. The company had a fleet of 11 trams for the two services. The services stopped running in 1927, a year after the Corporation had stopped the through running arrangements.

Aberdeen Suburban Tramways
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Size (mm) 22.2 x 2.7
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