Aberdeen Corporation Tramways Dating

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There are four die varieties of the Aberdeen Corporation Tramways tokens. These can be used to date the issues. The dies varieties can be identified by the position of the left leopard ear relative to ABERDEEN
Aberdeen Corporation Tramways Die Varieties
Position of left leopard ear Denominations found Approximate dates of issue Source for dating
Ear to EE NTC, P, 1d, 1½d 1900 - 1911 NTC from 1881 to 1911. Taken over by GPO in 1911
Ear to end of first E Military duty, GPO, B, ½d, ¾d, 1d 1910 - 1920 Military duty, blind (war veterans), GPO
Ear to second E GPO, B½d, ¾d, 1½d, 2d 1920 - 1931 2d denomination, blind (war veterans)
Ear to EN P, 1d Before 1931