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Åre is Sweden's foremost winter sports and Alpine skiing centre. The first transport installation for tourists and skiers was the Bergbana (mountain railway), which was opened in 1910. An extension to this in the form of a cable car was opened from Fjällgården to Mörvikshummeln in 1950 by Statens Järnvägar (SJ), the state railway company. This cable car was transferred into local ownership in 1984. The token illustrated below is likely, but not certainly, to have been used on the Fjällgården cable car during SJ's ownership. Many more skilifts have been added in recent decades.

Obverse: SJ / Skidlift Åre [Åre skilift] in incuse oval.

Reverse: STEMAG in incuse oval

Åre ski lift, before 1984
Filename ÅRE-001.jpg
Value none given (skilift passage)
Add Desc.
Size (mm) 25.0
Weight (g) 3.82
Manufacture Aluminium


Information on the ski transport facilities at Åre taken from Swedish Wikipedia pages on Åre bergbana and Åre kabinbana.