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Toshkent in Wikipedia

Although Tashkent was the fourth largest city in the Soviet Union, it was able to open its underground railway system only in 1977. It was the seventh metro to be built in the former USSR. Its stations are particularly richly decorated.

Sredazelektroapparat is a научно-производственное объединение - scientific and production association (NPO), in Tashkent. Its origin is the Харьковского завода выключателей - Kharkov Switch Plant, that had to be moved to Taskent in 1941. This factory was renamed Ташкентского электротехнического завода - Tashkent electro-technical plant. It became Sredazelektroapparat around 1965. The general director of Sredazelektroapparat reported to the Ministry of Electrical Industry of the USSR. Subsequently, the company was renamed Узэлектроаппарат - Uzelectroapparat. When that company was bought by the company Электрощит - Electroshield from Samara (Russia), it became known as Uzelektroapparat - Electroshield.

Sredazelektroapparat consisted of two plants in Tashkent, a research institute and several branches in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. It ran a vocational and a technical school. The main building was located in the Risovaya district of Taskent, on Dmitry Manzhary Street, which in 1995 was renamed Vasily Fetisov Street, after Vasily Fedorovich Fetisov (1918-1984), general director from 1952 to his death. In 2005, the street was renamed Таллимаржон - Tallimarzhon.

The M on a bar inscribed METPO may be an old logo. Some sources show a blue M in a trilobe with the text Toshkent METRO in black letters, the first word in bold font underneath. However, there is no evidence that this logo is used.

Toshkent Metro in Wikipedia

There are aluminium tokens, dated 1992. These tokens are fantasies. They could not be used to enter the subway system. Aluminium tokens are not suitable for machines, because they are too light.

Toshkent, Uzbekistan
Filename UZT01
Side 1 M logo, ТОШКЕНТ МЕТРОПОЛИТЕНИ. Toshkent Metropolitein•
Manufacture brass
Size (mm) 24
Weight (grams)
Notes Tokens were used in 1992-1995.Watchit.jpgUZT01 varieties
Source Kozhara. Photo by Yuri Kulvelis.
Filename UZT02
Side 1 M logo, ТОШКЕНТ МЕТРОПОЛИТЕНИ. Toshkent Metropolitein•
Side 2 M with METRO logo
Manufacture blue plastic
Size (mm) 24
Weight (grams)
Notes The token was used in 1995. Manufactured in Kharkov, Ukraine.Watchit.jpgUZT02 varieties
Source Kozhara. Photo by Gregory Gambaryan.