Svenska Tivoliägare Föreningen

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Johan E. Lindgren (photo) who operated a travelling fun fair settled across Allmänna Gränd from Gröna Lund to start his competing park, Nöjesfältet. The ensuing bitter rivalry motivated Lindgren to start Svenska Tivoliägare Föreningen (STF - Swedish Tivoli Owners Association) in 1924. Another driver was Lindgren's wish to enhance the low social standing of amusement park workers and owners in Swedish society, often resulting in petty discrimination. Political and religious campaigning against public entertainment providers will have contributed to this low social standing. See the section on the social and political role of amusement parks.

Though Nöjesfältet was closed in 1957, STF still exists, albeit as a branch of the Institutet för Språk och Folkminnen - Institute of Languages ​​and Folk Memories. It says of itself: The association's purpose is to maintain and promote the reputation of our profession in both social and economic terms. The association shall assist members who have been hindered in the practice of their profession. The association does not take a position on political issues.

One of the actions of STF was to create tokens for its members. These tokens had a common side, designed by STF. The other side could be used by the buyer. In the table below is a generic STF token; the STF member who ordered it did not use the option to use the other side. There are separate pages for:

STF, generic issue
Filename SA-STFG1
Side 2 Blank
Manufacture Brass
Size (mm) 26.2
Weight (grams) 7.87
Source Figleaf