Peebles, Peter

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Peter Peebles, a cab proprieter, started a rival to John Robertson in Novemeber 1866. Both services started near where Hawkhill meets Perth Road. John Robertson's service ran to HIgh Street and Peter Peebles' service ran to the Post Office. His omnibus was described as being different to what was currently used in Dundee. It was built by Carse & Co of Edinburgh after the style of the Edinburgh and Glasgow omnibuses. It had stair behind and a railing round the top to make it more safe and convenient for passengers.

In 1869 Peter Peebles tried to compete with John Robertson on the Lochee route. John Robertson had arranged a special toll rate of 20 shillings per week for his omnibuses with the Road Trustees. Peter Peebles was refused a similar special rate, having to pay per omnibus at the standard rate. This action was supported by the citizens of Lochee at a special public meeting in the Weavers Hall where it was agreed that the current level of traffic did not allow for two omnibus companies operating so John Robertson should get preferential treatment as he had started his service first. Peter Peebles withdrew his service.

At the end of 1871 Peter Peebles ceased his omnibus services and sold the equipment by public auction in the Cattle Market on 23rd January 1872. This consisted of;

Seven mostly young horses

One large omnibus, capacity 18 inside and 20 outside

One medium omnibus, capacity 13 inside and 15 outside

Sets of harness for 3 horses abreast

Peebles, Peter
Source (Smith)
Filename PPP.002
Value 2d
Add Desc. Peter Peebles Dundee Perth Rd : City Bus 2d
Size (mm) 23x16
Manufacture Oblong Brass
Notes Picture thanks to ebay seller