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Originally, Gröna Lund was the name of a small park. In 1883, Jacob Schultheiss, a German, rented the area to erect "carousels and other amusements". This makes Gröna Lund the oldest amusement park in Sweden. Jacob died in 1914. He was succeeded by his son Gustaf Nilsson. He opened Lustiga Huset (funny house) in 1917. It became a great success and is still in operation, owing to a renovation in 1987. Many of the first buildings have been retained and are still functional - foto: main entrance, shown from the inside on some tokens without a denomination. However, the attractions have been updated regularly.

In 1940, Gustaf Nilsson died. His widow, Nadeschda, succeeded him. His daughter, Ninni, married John Lindgren, eldest son of the owner of nearby Nöjesfältet owner. In 1957, John took over as manager of Gröna Lund. He promoted performances popular singers in the park, such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Kiss and The Clash. Thus, until 2001, the park was run by a descendent of Jacob Schultheiss. Since 2006, the Tidstrand family owns the park through Parks & Resorts Scandinavia AB.

The park offers a number of standard amusement park attractions, in particular roller coasters and a free fall tower, but also activities for small children. In addition, there is a theatre with 22 000 places used mainly for musical performances, a dance floor (Lilla Scenen) and a number of restaurants. Since 1991, the park is served by the museum tram line 7N, which is an attraction by itself.

In view of the number of tokens issued by Gröna Lund, they have been divided over the following pages: