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« on: March 16, 2007, 11:35:05 PM »
If you know some German, there is an excellent alternative to part of KM 20th century, Weltmünzkatalog. There is a companion volume for the 19th century. Both were put together by Günter Schön, who continues the work of his father, Gerhard. The advantages of this catalog are great descriptions of what's on the coin and much lower price. The main disadvantage is that the series does not cover earlier coins and does not list individual years. Yet, for the information it contains, it's a bargain.

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Re: Weltm?nzkatalog
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Battenberg issues also other editions with especially German and Roman Coins as well as German Notgeld and eighteen and seventeen Centurey Money likewise Krause Martin does nowadays.

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Re: Weltm?nzkatalog
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Battenberg and Gietl, two publishing houses focusing on coins/collectibles, recently merged ... and is the same as now. I use the Sch?n catalogs - mostly the one for 20/21 c world coins, and the one for euro coins, but also have a not-quite-so-recent (31st) edition of the Krause.

What I like better about the Krause catalogs is that, as Figleaf wrote, the price/value info is more detailed, often listing different prices for different years. Also, the Krause structure makes it easier to find "your" coin since in general the pieces are sorted according to the face value.

The Sch?n makes it easier to check the "context" of a given coin (which others were issued along with the one I have?) as it follows a more chronological approach. Also, it usually provides more information about the coins. In terms of images, I think the Krause has more. But neither depicts each and every piece ... and maybe I should add an "of course" here. ;)