What's the value of two of my coin? FUGIO CENT

Started by Alan Glasser, May 09, 2011, 03:51:27 AM

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Alan Glasser

Well, for some reason, I couldn't find "Start New Topic" this evening...but I have been working all day on re-evaluation of my U.S. collection, tired, and I am stumped on approximate "values" of 2 pieces. I want to turn in an accurate estimate to my insurer and thought these 2 aren't "major" coins, I would appreciate it if anyone out there could help.

#1 1787 Fugio Cent VF-20 Kessler 9-P (certified ICG)
#2 1837 Feuchtwanger cent, XF 40, 3G Rarity 6, (certified ANACS early holder)

Any approximate guidelines would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Alan   Massachusetts


I have to confess I'm a little puzzled by this request. If all you need is a value for the insurance company, why not simply use the Redbook? (Whose pricing most collectors of American coins eventually understand as rather high-side retail--good for insurance purposes--and whose authority is not easily assailed--again, good for insurance purposes.)

But how does anyone who owns these two great(!) coins actually need this kind of throwaway advice?

:) v.

Alan Glasser

Hello villa 66.

The reason I asked for help with the coins I mentioned in my original post is because they are "varieties" and not represented in the Redbook. The major types are, but there are so many varieties, scarce and common, that values vary widely. The Feuchtwanger cent variety I have is a rarity 6 I believe (out of 7) so its scarcity MIGHT make it valued at considerably more than an R-1 or 2. Same with the Fugio cent but I don't know the rarity factor. So...I need help from experts on those types.

Thanks, everyone.