Gwalior State Paisa: mint: Burhanpur

Started by shariqkhan, November 25, 2007, 03:51:22 AM

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Dear Friends
Please look this unknonwn coin at and help me in identification if possible
Thanks and Regards

Shariq Khan


It reminds me of coins from your own town of Indore.  What is  the size and weight?


I looked. I was wrong.  But, I also looked at Gwalior, Km 45.  Perhaps the "snake" is off to the right of the leaf.

The symbol of the leaf also appears on km 213.1 and km 41. 


Shariq Khan also listed the same question on the South Asian Coin Group (SACG). Here the reply:
Dear Shariq Khan,
The 'unknown' coin is a well known paisa of Gwalior State, mint: Burhanpur.
On the obverse its reads: Alyjah Bahadur (the hereditary title of the
Sindhia rulers of Gwalior) and on the reverse a leave and snake with the
AH-date (on this specimen AH1276) to left of it. On better preserved
specimen, the mint name Burhanpur can be observed at the bottom.
Ref.: KM#45


Thanks Mr. Rangnath and Mr Osheo. I was thingking that coin was of Mughal's.

Shariq Khan